Our Hyper Focused LLM: Introducing gLM

giles® is LLM agnostic.  We can underpin giles® with most of the popular LLMs available.  Did you know we are also working on our own LLM?  

gLM is in R&D, designed to serve giles® with more versatility and tunability, ensuring your AI capabilities are hyper focused to your functional needs, security concerns and budget drawdown.

gLM will come pre-tuned, ready for integration – with our giles® Assist service, we can help finesse the tuning to your specific needs even further.



gLM Features

giles® with our proprietary LLM, will empower your organization with more control, finer tuning, and less dependencies

Rapidly Deploy gLM Tuned to Your Sector & Industry

gLM will come pre-tuned to your sector & industry requiring only fine-grained training on edge case data relevant to your specific domain, providing more accurate and contextually aware responses.

Reduce Dependencies

While established models like ChatGPT and Gemini are powerful and compatible with giles®, having your own model reduces dependency on external services, enhancing privacy and ensuring continuity in case of service disruption.

Shape & Control Your AI

You'll have full control over the training and fine-tuning process, allowing you to tailor gLM to  your specific industry terms, use cases, and organizational needs.

Maintain Your Market Edge with Continuous Innovation

Working with your teams, we'll help keep your gLM instance at the forefront of responsive AI, with continual innovation through experimentation and evidence -based management.

Enhanced Data Privacy & Security

gLM will allow you to keep sensitive or proprietary information 100% within your organization, addressing any concerns related to data privacy and security leaving your organizational boundary with some other LLMs.

Adapt & Scale to Organizational Change

Our experts will provide coaching and training, offering insights into the most efficient ways to use AI through prompt engineering and practical guidance on how to best leverage AI responses.