Simply Save Time

In a world overflowing with complex systems and processes, these three words may sound like a dream. With giles®, simply saving time becomes a reality.

giles® leverages AI to provide help with accelerating daily work tasks, real-time insights, recommendations, and guidance, empowering businesses to make informed and strategic choices with confidence.

What we do

Get Insights, Make Data-Driven Decisions, Save Time

giles® is an innovative Generative and Interactive AI-powered Assistant designed to save you time by optimizing work processes and enhancing decision-making within your organization.  

giles® is Secure, Compliant, Tailored & Tuned Your Way. 

Seamless Integration

giles® seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, whether it's project management tools, collaboration platforms, or data repositories. This ensures that your workflows remain uninterrupted while benefitting from advanced automation.

Tailored Solutions

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. giles® doesn't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we work closely with your team to understand your specific requirements and customize our AI assistant to fit perfectly into your operations.

Data-Driven Insights

Our AI capabilities extend beyond task automation. giles® provides valuable data-driven insights that can guide strategic decisions, optimize resource allocation, and uncover opportunities for growth.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster collaboration like never before. giles® streamlines communication, simplifies task management, and ensures that everyone is on the same page, whether you have a small team or a global workforce.

Security and Compliance

Your data security is our priority. giles® adheres to the highest security standards and regulatory requirements, giving you confidence in the safety of your sensitive information.

Use Cases

Learn how giles® helps you do your work better

Smart Decision Support

Provides intelligent insights & recommendations to assist users in making informed decisions across various business functions.

Efficiency Optimization

Streamline processes and tasks through automation, saving time and resources.

Error Reduction

Minimize costly errors and improve accuracy in tasks and decision-making.

Multilingual Support

Communicate and collaborate seamlessly with global teams through giles® multilingual capabilities.


Tailor giles® to fit specific business needs and workflows, ensuring a personalized experience.

Data Security

Prioritize data security and confidentiality in handling sensitive information.

Train the AI on your data

Access it from anywhere you work

Easily bring AI in your workflow to improve & create content, wherever you are.

Integration in APPs

Access Giles everywhere you work

Seamlessly integrate generative AI into your existing tools and workflows with the desktop app, Android app, and iOS app.

Desktop App


Android App

iOS App

Our Value Proposition

The giles® Potential - Time Saved, Costs Reduced, Quality Boosted, Massive ROI Achieved

time saved per user on average
0 %
cost saving per user, per annum, on average
$ 1 K
improvement in quality of staff output
0 X
ROI post implementation at end of year one
0 %


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iOS and Android Apps

Make your business and your in-person and virtual meetings successful with our Giles iOS and Android mobile app.